What if… You have the opportunity to reintroduce Rabobank to the Netherlands and to the world?

April 20, 2017

Well… We’ve got the answer. For this innovative pitch for Rabobank we took the lead and have assembled a coalition of unconventional storytellers. Every member of our coalition narrates stories in the language of their own profession. Together with an architect, harpist, patissier, music composer, graffiti artist, designer, poet, event organizer, creative multimedia agency and ourselves (live experiences) we will be challenged to tell the new story of the Rabobank.

Out of 198 submissions, only five coalitions would have been selected, however, our distinctive coalition of creative storytellers was received positive by Rabobank and has earned us a wildcard. In order to win the pitch we have to beat six other competitors. Read the press announcement here. Exciting!