Working with the crème de la crème of the Dutch world of classical music truly was an honor. One of the ingredients of this Entertainment Concept, was that we created a re-arrangement of Saint-Saëns: Carnival des Animaux, that was performed by these musical wonders.

It was the first time in history that Janine Jansen, Lavinia Meijer, Lucas & Arthur Jussen, the Amsterdam Sinfonietta and the National Ballet, a.o. Michaela DePrince performed in this formation.

The evening communicated several values represented and presented by an artist or artists, being: Partnership (Lucas and Arthur Jussen), Innovation (Lavinia Meijer), Dedication (Janine Jansen) and Cooperation (Amsterdam Sinfonietta


Create and execute a high-end classical music Live Show based on the theme ‘Energy is opportunity’, and the values of this multi-national company.


Live Show, Artistic & Gastronomic Experience, Corporate Event, Beurs van Berlage, Courtesy Diner, 120 Visitors, Spring 2014, Classical Music, Music Composition, Lavinia Meijer (Harp), Lucas & Arthur Jussen (Piano, Quatre mains), Janine Jansen (Violin), Amsterdam Sinfonietta, National Ballet, Michaela DePrince, Nancy Burer Copywriting, Speech Writing.


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