Every element in a machine fulfills its own specific purpose. However, the machine can only work smoothly when all units operate in cohesion. Each part has to click, creating a single experience. Similarly, in the travel industry, the consumer expects to receive a single, cohesive journey. With this in mind, we said farewell to the separate Visitor Attraction sector, Travel & Technology sector, Accommodation sector, and Travel sector. Instead, we said hello to the Global Experience Industry, where change is celebrated and borders are broken down. All sectors come together as one. The time has come to grow together.


Create and execute a live show for the Click by 2018 Conference that communicates their corporate message and emphasizes seamless connections between various sectors.


Conference, International 2-Day Corporate Event, 2.000 Visitors, Fall of 2018, Concept Creation, Show Creation, Music Composition, Copywriting, Storytelling, Artist Handling, Show Calling, Show Directing, Choreography, Actors, and a lot more!


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