FedEx & the Orchestra of Symbolism

What if we could orchestrate a composition that transcends beyond an assemble of high-end musicians? What if we could combine music, architecture ánd history? What if we could create: an orchestra of symbolism?

For the grand finale of a special multi-day event, we challenged ourselves to create a fascinating live show where we would elevate our music composition to a – literally – higher level. We used the original and wonderful classic Organ of ‘De Duif’, an old church in the city centre of Amsterdam, as the centrepiece of our composition. We completed the orchestra with an amazing brass ensemble. A one-of-a-kind performance by an orchestra of tradition and the new.

O, and the symbolism? Well, the church is called ‘De Duif’ which is Dutch for the dove. Being the oldest messengers in the world, ‘the dove’ is the perfect reference to one of modern-days most famous delivery services.


Create and execute a grand finale of an exclusive dinner event for one of the world's most famous delivery service.


Live Show, Exclusive Dinner Event, Summer of 2019, Entertainment concept development/production/execution, music composition, storytelling, copywriting, artist handling, show calling, show directing, opening ceremony, closing show and a lot more.


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