Hunkering In Concert

Over a year ago, global developments forced us to distance ourselves. From our familiar lives, from live performances, and from each other. As time went on, the desire for connection grew. People were Hunkering for it. It was time for a modern-day Renaissance. We brought this Renaissance to live in Hunkering in Concert: a night of regained ecstasy. We went the distance to combine musical extremes: underground DJs collaborated with a complete, classical orchestra.

With last-minute adjustments to meet the changing regulations, and the exciting flair of Hunkering, the first large-scale indoor event in a long time was an absolute blast.


Create, execute and market a unique and exciting techno event, which will only take place once, taking into account multiple scenarios depending on governmental regulations.


Live Show, Public Event, Summer of 2021, First Large-Scale Indoor Event, Coronaproof, Seated Event, Techno DJs, Classical Orchestra, Entertainment Concept Creation/Production/Execution, Technical Production, Music Composing, Video Content Creation, Marketing and Communication, Artist Handling, Show Calling, Show Directing and a lot more.


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