James Bond – No Time To Die Premiere

The life of world’s most famous agent balances on the thin thread between good and evil. Not only through the heroic battles with his enemies, but also when fighting his inner demons.

While good and evil are polar opposites, they might also appear as two sides of the same coin. One in the dark and one in the light. A clear image and its slightly distorted counterpart in rippled water.

The opening shows portrays this duality through choreography on the stage of the Tuschinski Theatre in Amsterdam. Highlighted through custom-made costumes, lighting and above all: music. We composed a brand new piece specifically for this show, which breathed the flair of Bond with a touch of adrenaline. Everything you need right before the curtains open and you catch the first glimpse of this world premiere…


Create and execute an opening shows for the Amsterdam edition of the James Bond - No Time To Die world premiere, in full Bond fashion without the use of any pre-existing Bond content or intellectual property.


James Bond, No Time To Die, Opening Show, World Premiere, 2021, Tuschinski Theatre, Amsterdam, Custom-made, Choreography, Music composition, Costume design, Show calling, Show directing, Red carpet Event, Dutch Premiere, #NoTimeForSpoilers


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