Life is made possible by the sun. Gradually but surely, most of us forgot this truth. Now, we return the sun to its rightful place by making it the star of the show. We enter a new era, revealed in darkness and powered by the sun.

A privileged few were invited to witness the dawn of clean mobility at 5.23 AM. Innovative and driven, a pioneer blazes paths. With the sun as the driving force, a new path has presented itself. A new day arrived.

Welcome to the Dawn… of Lightyear One.


Introduce sustainable mobility through creating and producing the reveal of the world’s first consumer-oriented solar-powered electrical car.


Avant-garde Car Reveal, 1.000 Guests, Rotating Stage of the TheatreHangar, Concept Creation, Kick-off Storytelling, Content Managing, Copywriting, Music Composition, Show Calling, Project Management, Light Design and more!

In May 2021 the Dawn of Lightyear One was awarded a Gouden Giraffe for PR & Media Value. Thanks to not only the unorthodox concept and time but also its long-term ripple effect and impact on both the national and international market.The Golden Giraffe pays tribute to the creativity, effectiveness, and ingenuity of the event industry. It awards Dutch companies and agencies that make a meaningful impact through live communication.


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