Project Playground

What if we could co-create and participate in a unique environment, where possibilities take the lead and creativity is a natural generator for a safe and fascinating event?

We found our playground in uncertain times ruled by regulations and fear. Right there and then we took the stage to showcase possibilities for events and live shows, within strict perimeters of safety and “impossibilities”.

We believe that showing possibilities and creative solutions will help us to dissolve fear and inspire ourselves and others to build trust. We are here to turn the box inside out.


Co-create a unique and safe multi-day event full of entertainment, talks and live shows, in a Coronaproof setting and safe environment.


Co-production with a group of partners, Live Show, Corporate Event, Summer of 2020, Coronaproof Event, Entertainment concept development/production/execution, Costume design, Artist Handling, Show Calling, Show Directing, Storytelling, Choreography and a lot more.


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