We live in an ever-changing environment. Our long term partnership is facing challenges. We are thankful for the past but it is time to re-invent each other. A renaissance. A starting point for new opportunities. Closely we will conquer complexity. Therefore we need to be agile and we have to create a strong vision. We need to be masters in movement. Together we will find ‘Strength in Agility’.


Create and execute a high-end live show for a dinner experience with the following theme: “Strength in Agility”, and the values of this multi-national company.


Corporate Event, Courtesy Dinner, 175 Visitors, Spring 2016, Tokyo; Japan, Artistic & Gastronomic Experience, Yo-Yo Ma, Nonet, Haute Couture, Music Composition, Conducting, Sound FX, Storytelling, Artist Handling, Show Calling, Show directing and much more!


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