Each generation has built upon the work of those who came before. This is part of what makes us human and what inspires evolution.

Over centuries, the Arab and European worlds have shared their knowledge with one another. Historical treasures have continuously been passed on and evolved in the hands of the younger generation. This ongoing conversation forms the foundation of a long-standing relationship between the two cultures.

With the British Museum as our stage, we celebrate this exchange and shed a spotlight on the opportunities that the future holds.


Create and execute two high-end live show moments for a dinner experience that honors both the quality of the venue, as the relationship between the multi-national and its partners.


Corporate Event, Courtesy Dinner, 300 Visitors, Spring 2019, London; England, British Museum, Artistic & Gastronomic Experience, Choreography, Music Composition, Children’s Choir, Sound FX, Video Mapping, Storytelling, Artist Handling, Show Calling, Show Directing, Actors and many more!


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