He’s back! The ruler of freaks, the master of scum, the horror clown of Walibi Holland. This Halloween Eddie the Clown is looking to expand by adding fresh weirdos to his Legion of Freaks. How else to choose these new freaks than through a public roast! On stage, three unlucky challengers compete with Eddie to prove themselves freak-worthy. Only the toughest and most vicious one will be added to the Legion. Who will survive?

A humorous and thrilling theater show with deadly twists and turns was executed four times each evening. Are you ready for horror?


Co-create, write and execute a complete horror show around Eddie the Clown for the Walibi Holland's Halloween Fright Nights of 2018.


Live Show, Walibi Holland, Halloween Fright Nights, 48 Executions, Autumn 2018, Eddie the Clown, Roast, Horror, Humour, Themepark, Halloween, Concept Development, Concept Production, Concept Execution, Custom Grime & Styling, Music Composition & Audio Design, Show Directing, Show Calling, Theater, Artists, and more!


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