Welcome to a New Reality

What about the future of events and live experiences? They developed at a rather steady pace, a little bit accelerated by digital innovations. Until… a global pandemic took the world in a headlock.

It demanded us and the world around us to rapidly adapt to new standards. Massively influencing society, our daily lives and almost everything around us.

Within this headlessly spinning society, we – as event professionals – had to deal with the new standards and all consequences with it. However, when doing so, we still need to develop audience-centred experiences. Now even more than ever. We need to stop thinking about 20th-century solutions for a 21st-century reality.

Allow us to welcome you to a New Reality.


Create and execute a live show sequence at an exclusive "1,5-meter dinner experience" for the event industry to showcase digital and hybrid event experiences.


Live Show, Exclusive Dinner Experience, Summer Garden Dinner, Hybrid Event Experience,  Summer of 2020, Entertainment concept development/production/execution, Immersive Live Experience, Storytelling, Live Presentation, Costume design, Props design & creation, Artist Handling, Show Calling, Show Directing, Choreography, Music composing and so much more.


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